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The weight loss secrets of boxers

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Probably the most renowned professional boxer for putting on weight and then losing it again is that of Tyson Fury. Tyson Fury had to lose an astonishing 9 stone (131 pounds) in 2 years to be ready for his comeback fight!

So.. HOW did he do it?

What are the secrets he knows?

The secrets are incredibly simple and we’ll get to them, but first you need to know about lean muscle mass. Lean muscle mass is the percentage of muscle in the body compared to fat. Boxing weight categories have a range of weight that they can fit into.

For example middleweight boxers are between 70 – 73kg (154-160LB’s).

It is not good enough for a middleweight to weigh in at 70kg’s.

Doing that means that they are potentially missing 3kg’s of muscle, 3kg’s their opponent could be carrying.

If you add body fat into the mix, then the actual muscle difference between two opponents could be very high…this is why lean muscle mass matters so much.

Not only that boxers often have a limited time scale in which to make their set weight category. Very often a training camp will be around 12 weeks which means their weight loss has to be spot on.

The boxer wants to maximise the amount of muscle they have for the weight they are boxing at, so they are more effective in the ring.

That is one very big reason why boxers’ physiques are so RIPPED.














SO how do boxers do this?

WHAT is their secret?

Keep reading!

THE SIMPLE SCIENCE BEHIND WEIGHT LOSS The (not so) secret secrets every boxer knows

FIRST OF ALL… The basics

Calories in (Eaten), Needs to be less than. Calories out, (Used through exercise)

This creates what is known as a ‘Calorific Deficit’.


HOW do you do this?


1. Burn as many additional calories as possible with working out.
(This involves knowing which exercises to do and how many calories each exercise uses).

Boxing training is actually one of the highest calorie burning workouts you can do. It is possible to burn up to 800 calories in a 1 hour session.

2.Know how many calories you are taking in with your Nutrition.
(This involves counting calories contained in the macro nutrients found in the food you eat)

However calculating calories taken in and calories burned is complex and time consuming….

But dont worry, keep reading…

SO a quick question?

If it is this simple, then why is it people struggle…? And how come boxers apparently can do it with ease….?

There is another secret weapon boxers have up their sleeve, which is more important than calorie counting….

That secret weapon is their MIND SET

Boxers learn from the very beginning that in order to be successful they need to train their mind to be able to overcome the signals from their brain. Signals telling them they are too tired or just not in the mood to train.

Developing the will power not to give up when the going gets tough.

One of the most important aspects of this is SELF DISCIPLINE. They have developed what is known as a WARRIOR MINDSET. This means they will do whatever they need to do, in order to achieve the result they want to get, even if they do not like doing it.

There is a saying that a boxing fight is won or lost long before the boxer enters the ring, which is just as much about doing the training as it is about having the belief that they can win the fight. We have to believe that change is possible for us to even be motivated enough to take the first step. Many of us are limited by our beliefs.











If a boxer has not put in the training and does not believe he can win, he has already lost.

The analogy is exactly the same when it comes to weight loss. Having the wrong mindset leads to 1 very important thing that stops people losing weight more than anything else…

That is because they never start!

The hardest part of taking on a new fitness and weight loss regime is actually taking that first step. This step is actually a psychological one that many people struggle to overcome… instead they procrastinate, putting off starting inevitably.

When we have been repeating a particular action or behaviour for a period of time our brains become hard wired to perform that same action or behaviour subconsciously on repeat. This means that firstly we become less aware of what we are doing and secondly, we then have to rewire the brain to form new connections for our desired changes to take place.

And the main thing about all this is… IT REQUIRES EFFORT!!!

For example, if your daily routine is to avoid doing anything strenuous, not move about much or to comfort eat, your brain and body becomes used to doing those things. The part of your brain that triggers you into action becomes less active. Not only that your body adapts to the demands placed upon it.

Lazing on the couch can become a habit of a lifetime if not addressed.











Do you sit at your desk all day and then go home and spend the rest of the evening sitting in front of the tv?

What effect do you think this will have on your metabolism and your weight!

Seeing a different positive future can be a hard thing to visualise for some people. The thing about any sort of change is that it also involves your perception of the world changing too. Too big a change in one go is too much for the mind to handle.

We need a SOLUTION

How to rewire the Brain















The best way to begin rewiring the brain and take the strain out of change, is to begin by doing things that do not require too much effort or that cause too much suffering. Along with that there is so much information to learn about counting and tracking calories that it can get confusing very quickly.

And the thing about confused people…they often do NOTHING!

For this reason Boxing Evolution has created the

“5 day 1000 punch challenge”.











The challenge is about making simple daily changes to your life, ones that are necessary in order for you to lose weight. The program has been perfectly designed to take you from being completely inactive, to being fully motivated, ready and willing to start a longer term fitness program in a short space of time.

The challenge consists of daily instructions sent directly to your inbox by e-mail along with guidance provided by the Boxing Evolution fitness and nutrition app.

And remember those complicated equations…

Now you no longer need to know how to calculate or count calories because all the difficult aspects are taken care of by the app. The app contains guided animated workouts that will show you what you need to do, along with reminder notifications sent directly to your phone each day.

The best thing about this program is that it can be done anywhere to include at home, work or in the local park. Perfect if you struggle to find the time to go to the gym. All you need is your smart phone or tablet and internet access.

Included with the challenge is the Boxing Evolution nutrition basics e-book.











This tells you everything you need to know about how to improve your diet.

Just think how life could be different for you if you simply take that first step…

Have you ever really asked yourself, how life could be different, if you had the dream body you desire…?

What would you be able to do that you struggle to do now?

Maybe you would feel comfortable sunbathing on the beach or more confident to approach the person you find attractive.

Imagine the possibilities… You too can apply do what boxers do and get the body you desire.

Why waste time…GET STARTED TODAY!!!

To get started with the FREE 5 day 1000 punch challenge which includes the weight loss starter course just click on the button below.