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Boxing skills and sparring

Boxing skills and sparring

What does the class involve?

This class is a fun and recreational activity designated purely towards learning non contact boxing skills. There will be the option to engage in semi-contact or full contact sparring at the end for those who are ready and wish to do so.

Anyone that has not done any kind of boxing before will need to attend a 30 minute ‘boxing basics’ session before hand to make sure they are ready to attend the class.

A gumshield will be needed if you wish to engage in the sparring, all other safety equipment is provided.

Skills covered

The following skills are focussed on and developed in the class:

  • Stance and Guard
  • Basic to advanced footwork
  • Punch techniques
  • Defense techniques
  • Ring craft
  • Shadow boxing
  • Understanding and developing different boxing styles
  • Understanding fight psychology and psychological development
  • Punch combination development

Days and times

The boxing skills and optional sparring class takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8pm.


The boxing skills and optional sparring classes are £10 per session or you can purchase a 1 month or 3 month membership deal.


For more information please contact Matt by phone: 07980986484 or email: