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Why learn?

Why learn boxing?

Why learn boxing?

There may be a single or range of reasons why you may wish to learn the  boxing. Listed below are some of the most common reasons.

  • Want to learn self-defence
  • Want a new activity or hobby to do
  • Want to improve fitness or get in shape (e.g. lose weight)
  • Quit smoking, drugs and alcohol
  • Fight competitively
  • Want a challenge
  • Meet new people
  • Gain confidence, courage, self-control, discipline, motivation etc
  • Cross train to help with other sports, for example improve co-ordination or balance etc
  • Combination of above

Whatever the reason may be boxing and martial IS a brilliant and fun activity to partake in.


Boxing Evolution is one of the most up to date and innovative companies that teach boxing and martial arts today. Boxing Evolution makes use of the latest discoveries and methods that modern science has brought us, whilst simultaneously not forgetting the raw ingredients that could be said to constitute the essence of the fictional character ‘Rocky’ and made him champion.

Boxing Evolution makes use of highly motivational coaching techniques and communication methods that enable student to enjoy what is being taught, understand it clearly and develop to their full potential.


  • Basic and Advanced skills (including specialist pad-work and footwork)
  • Physics and Bio-mechanics
  • Combat Psychology, Philosophy, Mindset, Mind control and Strategy
  • Specially designed course that interlinks all the necessary information
  • Boxing award scheme equally suitable for children and adults
  • Technique and fun focussed so you actually learn something AND enjoy it at the same time
  • Breaks technique down into step by step bite sized chunks
  • Skills games to develop the specific techniques and abilities
  • Expert health, fitness, strength and conditioning knowledge to build you the ultimate training regime
  • Latest training techniques incorporating things such as NLP learning styles, multimedia education, video analysis, bio-feedback etc
  • Personally tailored training
  • Trains all facets of a person’s being (Mind, Emotions, Body)
  • Connected to top clubs and fighters to gain the best sparring with a range of different opponents
  • Connected to MMA clubs to combine for ultimate self defence ability
  • Caters for amateur/white collar boxing but has connections to pro boxing and MMA
  • Lots of FUN!


For more information about personal boxing and fitness coaching please click here.


Boxing sessions are based around the A.B.A Boxing Award scheme and the Boxing Evolution boxing potential course.

Please click the following links for testimonials from previous Boxing Evolution students and from organisations.

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