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Warrior Mind Power Business Survival Training

Warrior Mind Power Business Survival Training




We are currently facing a tremendous challenge in the form of the recession.

The credit crunch threatens to wipe out those that are not strong enough to survive.

But does this necessarily mean it has to be the end?

The 300

Throughout the ages man has often faced overwhelming challenges and problems with the odds stacked heavily against him. Yet in many instances man has prevailed against these odds and emerged triumphant.

We know of many stories from the past of fearless warriors who fought great battles against their oppressors. What was it that enabled them to succeed when all appeared to be hopeless?

How did 300 Spartans beat 1 million Persians at the battle of Thermopylae? What made their army different to any other? What gave them the courage and the confidence to even dare facing this kind of threat?

The very same techniques and strategies that have been put into use by the greatest of warriors over the centuries can be implemented by businesses today.

To small and medium businesses the credit crunch could be considered something similar to the Persian invasion against the Spartans.

Do you want to teach your organization to function as one highly efficient cohesive unit just like the Spartan army? Do you want your organization to become unstoppable by any threat? Do you want your organization to be superior to all the competition?

And just think if you are able to prevail when times are tough, what will be possible when the tide has turned!

Empty pockets never held anyone back, only empty heads and hearts”. – Unknown

The WARRIOR MIND POWER BUSINESS SURVIVAL course is designed to teach organizations or businesses to function as efficiently and effectively as the Spartan warrior army did back in 480 BC.

Spartan Warriors are highly revered as one of the most feared military forces in world history. It was commonly accepted that “one Spartan was worth several men of any other state”. At the Battle of Thermopylae, they were vastly outnumbered, 7,000 men vs. 200–250,000 Persians and yet emerged victorious.

These warriors were trained from the very young age of 7 to be fierce in battle. The meaning of Spartan is to be “totally devoted to one cause, self-deprived or stripped down to nothing, but the bare essentials, undoubting and courageous”. They were trained to give their lives without hesitation. These warriors did not think anything about danger and always expected to win or die trying to win. They lived and died for Sparta. They were 100% committed.

The WARRIOR MIND POWER BUSINESS SURVIVAL course will deliver an understanding of what it was that made these warriors as powerful as they were and will teach businesses how to operate as one cohesive efficient unit, highly motivated, working together towards the same goals.

Through this businesses will turn their organizations in well oiled, highly tuned, profit making machines.


The course is mainly based around the mindset and mental strength that the Spartans forged in their warriors but applied to a modern corporate battleground.

Many of the attributes of the warrior mindset correlate strongly with what known today as Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is increasingly relevant to organizational development and developing people, because the (EQ) principles provide a new way to understand and assess people’s behaviours, management styles, attitudes, interpersonal skills, and potential. Emotional Intelligence is an important consideration in human resources planning, job profiling, recruitment interviewing and selection, management development, customer relations and customer service, and more.

Emotional Intelligence can be defined as:

“The innate ability to feel, use, communicate, recognize, remember, learn from, manage and understand emotions.”

This basically means that you are aware of what you are feeling and why you are feeling it, you can express how you feel to other people, you learn how your past emotions affected you, and can control them in future situations.

E.Q and Success

The EQ concept argues that IQ, or conventional intelligence, is too narrow; that there are wider areas of Emotional Intelligence that dictate and enable how successful we are.

Emotional intelligence is important because to be successful you must possess self-control, this comprises of how you do something, and how you react to something, to have self control you need to understand and control your emotions.

Developing E.Q

The course uses a combination of mental, emotional and physical training to develop emotional intelligence. There are specially designed workshops and activities which work in all of these three areas.


The course consists of the following activities:

Spartan fitness training – this will develop high levels of fitness and a Spartan warrior sculpted body. A high level of mental strength and discipline will also be developed from this training
Boxing skills and strategy – making the most of what you’ve got and applying it strategically
Armed combat training – utilizing your tools effectively
Combat tactics – operating as a unit to achieve your aims
Strengthening the tribe – there is the option to engage in contests against fellow co-workers. This is brilliant for building respect and empathy amongst a team and is highly recommended.
Communication techniques – includes role plays to help develop skills
Mental performance techniques – training techniques that enable you to increase you individual performance. This includes techniques such as super memory, speed reading, observation and intuition
Mind control techniques – techniques that allow you to harness the full power of your mind and develop super focus
Performance anxiety – relaxation and stress relieving techniques
Group and one to one activities


The course consists of the following workshops:

Knowledge and Experience
Intention and Motivation
Courage and Fear
Discipline and Ego
Confidence and Respect
Anger and Self-esteem
Self belief
Skill, technique, ability and talent – includes discovering your special talents
Habits and action
Creativity and finding solutions
Goal mapping and mind mapping
Advanced Strategy and psychology – includes the wisdom of famous strategists such as Lao Tzu
Conflict management – includes raising self awareness and awareness of others

Stress management and Relaxation

Technology and innovation

The course also makes use of modern technology such as bio-feedback devices and multimedia learning systems including bi-neural beats, which are all used to aid learning and development.

The latest accelerated learning techniques are used to gain the greatest results in each person because the course is tailored to suit their individual learning needs

Modern Development techniques

The course also makes use of modern development techniques such as NLP*, CBT*, EFT* and EMDR*.

NLP = Neuro Linguistic programming
CBT = Cognitive behavioural therapy
EFT = Emotional freedom therapy
EMDR = Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing

What are the profits to be gained from taking the course?

The outcomes of the course will be the following:

  • Higher quality products/service
  • Innovative service

Why will these outcomes be achieved?

The reason these outcomes will be achieved is because you will have a more efficient, productive and creative workforce.

Why will the workforce be more productive and efficient?

Highly motivated – working towards the same goal with a new team spirit
Increased levels of fitness = higher energy levels = increased productivity
Less conflict and increased levels of empathy = less time wasted and greater co-operation
Happier workforce
Mutual respect
Common purpose
Thinking outside of the box – to enable creative solutions to problems

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