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Personal boxing fitness training

Personal boxing fitness training



  • Get in the best physical and mental shape of your life
  • Develop explosive speed, agility and stamina so you will have that cutting edge in other sports!
  • Greatly improve motivation, self-discipline, self-esteem and confidence so you can succeed at whatever you do
  • Develop incredible self control and mental strength so that you can achieve whatever you want to in life
  • Release and control, stress and aggression
  • Learn self defence
  • Lose fat and tone up
  • Great for legs n bums, arms n tums
  • Great for kids and adults, men and women.


Why use a personal trainer?

Often it can be hard for people to find the motivation to push themselves hard enough to gain the necessary results when working out on their own. For other people when first deciding that they want to start a training regime they often lack the knowledge of where to start, along with the knowledge of the correct training techniques that they need to perform to get the results they want. By using a personal trainer you remove a lot of the guess work and the hours of research needed by enlisting the help of a qualified professional who has already been there and done the hard work. A personal trainer will also make sure that you attend your sessions regularly and will give you the right amount of encouragement needed to achieve your intended goals.

Will I not get the same results from attending a class?

Attending a class will have a lot of benefits that come from being in instructed along with the added motivation of being in an environment where everybody is working out. However one of the downsides of a class is that you will not get the full attention of the instructor which means you will not progress as fast or effectively as you would with personal training.

This is especially true when it comes to learning and developing new skills in boxing where the amount learnt in one session can equal that of weeks of classes. With one to one training the instructor is paying full attention to you for the duration of the session ensuring techniques are done correctly and efficiently.

What days and times are available for personal training?

Personal training sessions take place on days and times that are suitable for both yourself and the trainer. This will be dependent on availability. Please check out the available slots on the schedule by clicking here.

Where does the training take place?

Traning sessions take place at a number of different locations in the Maidenhead area.

What is the cost of personal training?

Personal training sessions are priced as follows:

  • Single session £40
  • Block of 4 sessions £140
  • Block of 10 sessions £320 (You need to train twice per week for this rate)

How do I book in?

Please check the online schedule to check availability and location. You can see the online schedule by clicking on the button below.

Online Schedule

Once you have checked the day and time you want to train is available please click the ‘Book Now’ button on the same page. Alternatively you can just purchase your credits straight away by clicking on the button below.

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