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Your environment consists of:

  • Physical environment (E.g Atmosphere, Terrain etc)
  • The country you live in
  • The part of the country you live in
  • Socio-economic state of the area you live in

How your environment affects your life physically

Security – Your environment affects your safety because there may be natural hazards (e.g flooding rivers) or risks from other people for example you may live in a high crime rate area (murders/muggings).

Genetics – If you live in an area where you have genetic heritage, your genetics and physical abilities will be affected by the environment, for example if you live high up in the mountains your lungs will be better at extracting air from the atmosphere or if you live in a country where the sun shines more your skin may be darker to provide protection.

Health – Your environment affects your physical health because there may be a lot of pollution or there may be certain diseases going around. Your health can also be affected from living in high stress/fear environments

Jobs/Career – Your environment affects you Job/Career prospects because of the types of businesses that are based around where you live. There may be no businesses or there may be only a few major firms which employ most of the local populous for example.

Financial – your environment affects your financial situation because you may be in a high or low income area, which adversely affects the prices of things sold.

Friends/Family – You may live in an area with lots of friends and family around or none near you. This will affect the number of opportunities you have for interactions

Relationships (Sexual and Romantic) – Your environmet will affect the type and number of people available to your for a relationship, which will thus affect the number of opportunites you get to meet people suitable for you.

Fun/Hobbies – Your environment will determine the kind of hobbies or fun available to you… this will affect you physically depending on what hobbies you do.

How your environment affects your life emotionally

Security – Living in unsecure environments will cause a person to have large amounts of fearful/angry emotions.

Health – Living in these kinds of environments can often lead to mental health issues such as depression, severe anger issues and even schizophrenia.

Job/Career – Living in an environment where there is not the right kind of job for you will cause many emotional issues from unfulfillment through to depression.

Finances – Living in an environment of financial difficulty results in large amounts of stress.

Family/Friends – The kind of people you have grown up with will affect who you are as a person and how you see the world, this extends beyond friends and family to society and culture also.

Relationships (Romantic) – The kind of people that live in your area will generally affect the kind of people available to you to have relationships with.

Personal growth/Achievements – Your environment may have little opportunites for progression or there may be many opportunities to achieve things. (For example there may be bad pollution which will give you the opportunity to do something about it)

Self-esteem – Your environment may lead you to feel bad about yourself if it is not a nice area, alternatively you may have high self esteem if from a prestigious area.

Peace/Contenment – Your environment may affect your peace/contenment for example if it is not a safe area to live etc

Fun/Hobbies – Your environment will affect the kind of hobbies available to you. For example skiing will be a big hobby if you live high in the mountains, or surfing if you live by the sea.

Creativity – Your environment will be one that either suppresses or encourages creativity

Dreams – Your environment will affect your dreams. For example you may dream of being in the country if you live in the city. It may also affect things such as what you dream about. You may dream of owning your own farm if you live in the country whereas you may dream of owning a your own company tower block if you live in the city.

Some statistics:

According to a September 2008 study from a group of European researchers, published in “Psychological Science.” Their research, which focused on migratory habits by personality type, found that people who are very emotional are more likely to move away from home, but typically do not go very far and do not move very often. Because they are simply moving away from where they were not comfortable — their homes — these types do not have a preference between urban and rural environments. They also move shorter distances in the hope that these moves will be less stressful.

According to a study conducted by Temple University published in the December 2008 issue of “Social Science and Medicine,” residents of Las Vegas face a suicide risk that is significantly higher than other parts of the country, based on analysis of data from the National Center for Health Statistics.

How your environment affects you mentally.

Depending on where you live you will develop different mental skills depending on what is required of you.

Here is a perfect example of how living in a different environment will affect you.