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Boxing Evolution Junior

Boxing Evolution Junior

Boxing Evolution Junior has been set up to work with children of 16 years and under. B.E has the aim of providing a positive direction from a young age and to aid in the development of a physically, mentally and emotionally healthy child as they progress into adolecenthood, so that your child can develop to their full potential.

Boxing Evolution Junior is based around the A.B.A boxing award scheme which is initially non-contact and leads on to further qualifications such as the ASDAN G.C.S.E in boxing which enables the young person to carry on their education through boxing.

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Boxing Evolution and Learning through fun and passion for boxing in children

Boxing Evolution understands that a child is motivated to do things that are fun. Consequently is something is not fun there will be no motivation to do it. A child does not have the ability to understand that learning is necessary for their greater good. Therefore if you want a child to learn something the key is to make it fun.

Boxing Evolution uses this principle to turn many different lessons that are essential in boxing into games which the children look forward each week. The only way to win the game is by using correct technique and thus the child is motivated to improve the technique.

Once the child has started to become proficient at boxing and has gained a passion for it, more difficult training routines with greater pressure can be implemented with less emphasis on fun and more on being outcome specific. At this point the child is motivated by a need to do well at boxing and thus fun is less of an element. However this is always a fine balancing act and one that needs to be monitored carefully.

Here is a video example of making training fun for children involving skipping.

Boxing Evolution is also set up to develop excellency in the sport of boxing and already has a number of future superstars in the making. Boxing Evolution understands all of the aspects needed and required that go into the making of a champion and aims to make sure that all of these requirements are met. The Boxing Evolution gym is not currently an A.B.A affiliated club but has associations with A.B.A clubs to enable your child to compete once they are of a suitable age.

Boxing Evolution and Boundaries

Boxing Evolution understands that pre-teen children gain their understanding of the world and of themselves through the boundaries set by their parents, teachers and other adults involved in their life. This is an extremely important time in the child’s development for them to acquire the necessary boundaries that will enable them to function healthily as adults and to provide a stable base before they begin to test their boundaries as teenagers.

Here are a few examples of children who lack boundaries:

1. Little Johnny walks right into his parent’s bedroom whenever he wants. It does not matter if the door was open or closed.
2. Twelve year-old Steve changes the channel on the television whenever he wants. It does not matter if anyone was watching a show or not.
3. Susie blames others for her mistakes. It always seems to be her teacher’s fault, brother’s fault, or a friend’s fault when something does not go right.

Without boundaries children will have problems in relationships, school, and life. Many times addictive behavior can be traced to lack of boundaries. Here are a few results that can occur:

1. Children can have controlling behaviour.
2. Children can be motivated by guilt or anger.
3. Without firm boundaries children are more likely to follow their peer group. For example, making unwise choices on sex, drinking, or driving.
4. Children don’t own their own behaviour or consequences, which can lead to a life of turmoil.
5. Children may allow others to think for them.
6. They may allow someone else to define what his or her abilities will be. This denies their maximum potential.
7. When someone has weak boundaries they pick up other’s feelings.
8. Weak boundaries may make it hard to tell where we end and another person begins.

The first step in establishing a healthy relationship is the setting of boundaries.

Boxing Evolution also understands that whilst certain boundaries need to be set, there are other boundaries that are sometimes created that are not necessary. An example of this may be demanding that the class take place in complete silence.

Boxing Evolution takes great care to not set boundaries that will unnecessarily inhibit a child’s personal development thus leading them to be able to healthily express themselves as an individual and a human being.

Boxing Evolution role models

Boundaries and Role models are actually two different aspects of the same thing. It takes the appropriate older role model to be able to set the necessary boundaries and also not create unnecessary boundaries. There exists no boundaries without the person that sets them.

The role models that are used by Boxing Evolution are carefully selected for certain character traits that are conducive the B.E philosophy.

The Boxing Evolution role models are not only passionate about but boxing but also passionate about helping people. They have each child’s best interests at heart. They are able to have fun, play games and laugh at themselves whilst taking very seriously the work they are doing. They are able to find the best methods to build a child’s self esteem whilst simultaneously being able to administer the necessary punishments for bad behaviour in a non judgemental fashion.

As a general rule the role models for B.E are the coaches but there may be times that outside organisations are used for various activities.

E.Q and Success

The EQ concept argues that IQ, or conventional intelligence, is too narrow; that there are wider areas of Emotional Intelligence that dictate and enable how successful we are.

Emotional intelligence is important because to be successful you must possess self-control, this comprises of how you do something, and how you react to something, to have self control you need to understand and control your emotions.

The main facets of E.I that B.E develops are

  • Confidence, Self Esteem and Self Belief
  • Intention, Motivation and Aspiration
  • Self Discipline and Delayed gratification
  • Persistence and Mental fortitude
  • Positive ‘Can do’ attitude
  • Controlled aggression and Anger management
  • Balanced Ego
  • Impulse control and sustained focussed attention
  • Self and Peer awareness and empathy
  • Creativity
  • Conflict management

Boxing Evolution uses many different strategies all through the medium of boxing to develop E.I. This involves individual and teamwork activities and constant communication between parents and coach.

There is often a remarkable and extremely noticeable change as the child’s confidence and self esteem increases which is great to see and will serve as a beneficial change that will shape the whole of the child’s life to come for the better.

Boxing Evolution health and fitness

Boxing Evolution also aims to develop an extremely high level of health and fitness in a child that aids, maintains and contributes to their overall sense of wellbeing.

Boxing Evolution is great for developing things such as strength, stamina, co-ordination, balance, reaction speed and mental skills, healthy weight and healthy eating.

Other facets are developed such as the ability to listen and follow instructions under pressure.

Boxing Evolution and Self defence

Boxing can also be used as a form of self defence. Boxing Evolution strives to emphasise a non violence policy and to resolve conflicts in such a manner and provides guidance on how to do so.

Unfortunately there are times in life when such instances cannot be avoided and the self defence skills that develop from boxing training will help your child defend themselves should they need to.

This training will also give your child an air of confidence which means they will not give the signals of being a victim which are the very signals bullies look for when targeting someone.

Boxing Evolution also serves as an excellent solution to learning difficulties such as that of ADHD.

For the symptom of hyperactivity boxing is a great way to burn off a lot of the excess energy that children with ADHD tend to have. For the symptom of attention disorder focussed concentration is developed automatically through technique sparring as the child literally has no other choice but to pay attention to what they are doing. Various other techniques are used through boxing to enable the child to develop their ability to concentrate further.

Many of the other aspects of ADHD such as emotional reactivity and impulsivity can learn to be handled better through boxing coaching.

Often things such as emotional problems can give the appearance of being ADHD and drugs prescribed to the child unnecessarily. Through developing the child emotionally a much clearer indication of what is necessary for the child will become clearer.

Boxing Evolution works with other organisations that offer alternative drug free therapies to ADHD and other learning difficulties such as Integrated Developmental therapy.

Boxing Evolution views these learning difficulties as differences not disabilities as there is often an accompanying talent that goes with them which if harnessed in the right way can produce amazing results.

Boxing Evolution and Discovering your child’s talents

Boxing Evolution has the ethos that every person has an untapped unlimited potential and individual talents and abilities. Boxing Evolution believes the key to success in life is to discover these abilities and know how to develop your potential to the fullest.

Boxing may not be your child’s talent and for which very few it is. However through attending sessions with Boxing Evolution these talents will be identified and along with the development of E.I you can rest assured your child will go far.

Boxing is a brilliant sport that develops many physical and mental abilities that are of great benefit in many other sports. Should boxing not be your child’s’ fortay then boxing will most certainly help with any other sport they wish to do well at.

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