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Warriors of the Cage

Warriors of the Cage

Warriors of the Cage is an associate of Boxing Evolution because this book gives an amazing insight into the life, thoughts, feelings and experiences of people who take part in and who are involved in the combative sports scene. A must read for people thinking of getting involved.

In a number of exclusive interviews with some of its most compelling figures, the personalities, fighters, promoters, medical staff and fans reveal the colourful world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Jonathan Buffong and Brenda Downes’ insightful investigation presents the true world of the
UK ‘cage fighting’ scene from the inside. The toughest contenders share their hopes, fears and
ambitions, telling of the personal paths which led them to MMA. Readers will also learn how the fight game is organised, and what draws fans to the events – the gripping excitement and highly trained skill, the brutal pain and the blood-soaked glory.

In this breathtaking volume, UK MMA scene aficionados Buffong and Downes relate a blow-by-blow account of a modern martial arts phenomenon, illustrated by archive and contemporary photographs:
– The Beginning: the origins of the sport; its rules and its history.
– The Fighters: interviews with up-and-coming names and established combatants. The
– champions, the contenders, the winners and the losers.
– The Fighter’s Life: the physical and mental preparation; the MMA ethos of ‘Train hard,
– fight easy.’
– The Pain Game: inside a training camp before a fight; an insight into the training and
– dietary regimes of the champions.
– Promotion: the events, the venues, the glamour girls, the advertising and the media
– sponsors.
– Fight Night: the people who make the event happen – the promoters, the cage makers,
– the doctors and the girls.
– The Fans: the enthusiasts tell of the most memorable bouts and their favourite fighters.
– The Bouts: the culmination of the fighters’ preparation; all the excitement of the event,
– backstage and in the cage . . .

Warriors Of The Cage is a unique insider’s view of the most thrilling sporting phenomenon
in the world today

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