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Princes Trust

Flavell Flave is now an official young ambassador for the Princes Trust. Click here to read their testimonial about Boxing Evolution.

Flavell Flave speaks about the Princes trust below:

The Princes trust have actually been one of the best things that have happened to me I lack the words to express my gratitude. If it were not for them I would not be where I am now. Not only that they have continued to help me in many ways since I have started.

Before I became involved with the Princes Trust I encountered many problems… the following is a quick review of these problems I faced.

Problems I encountered.

I first started trying to begin what I was doing with B.E 3 years ago when I finished university. I approached many organisations such as Connexions, YOT, PAYP, Maidenhead council etc and received little help with what I wanted to do. Admittedly I was still not at a very developed stage with what I was doing but could of received a lot more guidance and encouragement than I did. I found myself coming to a lot of dead ends. I was surprised there was not more help considering what I was trying to do and there being a big hoo haa about it in the media.

I also encountered and still am encountering many problems to do with the fact that I have a criminal record. I was extremely close to starting boxing sessions at my old senior school, to only be told by the council at the last minute that they were not happy with me teaching the kids due to some of the violence related convictions I from my younger years.

I had to do any work I could in the mean time to support myself whilst I worked on B.E. I struggled to find work that enabled me to actually make any more money than to actually survive. This meant that putting money into B.E was also not a possibility.

Another two years passed with nothing happening. During this time I managed to make huge progress on B.E. I also remained trouble free during this period.

It was then that my dad suggested that I get in touch with the Princes Trust.

How the Princes Trust helped me.

The Princes Trust have actually been one of the best things that have happened to me I lack the words to express my gratitude. If it were not for them I would not be where I am now. Not only that they have continued to help me in many ways since I have started.

The first thing that the Princes trust did was have the understanding and insight but also genuine desire to see young people succeed that it allowed them to see (and want to see) the value of this project and the possibilities that may occur from it. Also and this was majorly important the Princes Trust believed in me as a person. This was extremely important because the project would not of even got a look in to begin with.

Secondly the Princes Trust used their experience of running projects to make me realise that I could get started much sooner that I had thought and gave me lots of useful suggestions and tips. The Princes Trust also made me aware of many other things that would help me and also policy and procedures I should take into account. I have also attended extremely helpful workshop run by the Princes trust such as Marketing and Book Keeping.

Thirdly the Princes Trust provides a simple and easy to use business plan template which removes a lot of the confusion when constructing it. I was also provided an extremely helpful mentor who has guided me in the creation of my business plan.

Fourthly the Princes Trust provided me with the much needed funding so that I could get the company off the ground. This enabled me to acquire things such as a website, equipment and other costs such as marketing and insurance. The Panel were very supportive to pitch too and in no way intimidating. They even provided words of wisdom and encouragement to me.

Ongoing help

Since launching the company the Princes Trust have used their connections to bring work my way with many of the organisations they are associated with. The Princes Trust also suggested a very useful course for me to do and at a hugely discounted price because of the connection.

The Princes Trust continue to take an interest in my progress and are always on hand to help me with anything I may need and provide encouragement.

I an extremely important point to emphasise about the Princes Trust is that it employs people who are genuinely committed to helping young people whilst at the same time being extremely skilled at what they do, but also very importantly very lovely and friendly people too. Everyone in the Princes Trust I have met has been great.

At the end of the day an organisation is not the name or the ethos but the people that are in it.

The Princes Trust is the sole reason I have had opportunity to do what I wanted to do. Without them I would still be nothing. For this reason I could not speak of them more highly of them or recommend them to other people.

One of the amazing Princes Trust employees being interviewed by associated artist Tiger Lilly about the boxing summer camp.