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About Flavell Flave and NuYuu

FlavellFlave noticed that the Dragon James Caan was opening a a new chain of gyms near where Boxing Evolution was based and that he was having a big launch night. James Caan was giving people the chance to pitch him in Dragons Den style in order to win a years free membership. Being the young Entrepreneur that Flavell Flave is, he saw this as an invaluable opportunity to create more business for himself… watch the video below to see what happened next!

Needless to say Flave got the contract!

About Nuyuu

Welcome to nuyuu [pronounced noo-yoo]

Nuyuu is the UK’s newest and best value for money gym chain.

One rainy day in 2008, a couple of friends and colleagues, Ben and Norris, were feeling very miserable at the prospect of yet another day providing gym facilities with a company they’d lost faith in.

Too expensive they thought, and not tailored to the members’ needs. So they quit. Ha!

And so nuyuu was born. Hip Hip Hooray!

Today there is a gym that gives its members all that they want and nothing they don’t. So what are those things?


Real, true, honest value for money. This is key to everyone at nuyuu. It’s a big part of why we’re here at all. We’ve worked for health club chains that design their product around squeezing the most amount of money out of their members for the least amount of investment. Not here. Our fees of between £19.99 and £24.99 a month for a 12 month contract, sound cheap compared to others. But they’re not cheap, they’re fair. At that price, we can provide a training environment that offers all the things you want and none that you don’t. It’s a simple offer but Norris, our Operations Director, likes things that way. We’ve a hunch you do too.


We’re mildly obsessed with cleanliness. It’s such an easy thing to maintain yet can have such a negative impact on your enjoyment when ignored (is there anything yuckier than other people’s dirt?). That simply won’t happen at nuyuu. It is a part of every staff member’s job description to keep the place spotless. When we say good, clean healthy fun, we really mean it.


We’ve chosen our gym equipment following two criteria; it must be dead simple to use and get the job done with maximum efficiency. As it turns out, the best stuff (from companies including Precor and Vibrogym) looks really snazzy too. Bingo! You’ll find loads of different types of machines in nuyuu, and plenty of them so no irritating queues.


We’ve designed some simply brilliant and brilliantly simple widgets to help you get more from your membership coming soon.


Landmark Place

Contact Details:

Tel: 0844 871 0002
Email: slough@nuyuu.comt

Opening hours

Monday 06:30 – 22:00
Tuesday 06:30 – 22:00
Wednesday 06:30 – 22:00
Thursday 06:30 – 22:00
Friday 06:30 – 20:00
Saturday 08:00 – 16:00
Sunday 08:00 – 16:00