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Yassine the showman Elmaachi

Yassine “the showman” Elmaachi

The Showman

Named the ‘Showman’ because of his unbreakable confidence, extravagant flair and exhilaratingly skilful boxing style, Yassine never fails to entertain and literally shows people (mainly his opponent) how to box! Yassine is a highly talented boxer and is three times Moroccan champion and Dutch champion. He is now in England furthering his career and training out of Mygym in Finchley under coach Don Charles and Kevin Maree.

Yassine recently won the ‘Prizefighter’ tournament and is now in talks with Frank Warren. Please click here for info about the Prizefighter tournament Yassine won.

Boxing Evolution and Yassine

Boxing Evolution is involved with Yassine because they both have a desire to help and inspire young people.

Yassine was involved in the recent Boxing Evolution summer camp, he came down, helped to train the young people, did some light sparring to show them his skills, and generally inspired the young people to by showing what level of skill is possible to achieve in boxing with the right dedication.

Yassine provided free tickets for the young people to come and watch him fight in his last fight at Watford colloseum on Sept 5th which he won in spectacular style. He then took the young future boxers behind the scenes with him after the fight.

The following weekend he came to present the awards to the young people who attended the camp, which all in all has helped to provide the young people who attended the boxing camp with a wonderful experience this summer.

Below is more information about Yassine, his history and how he came to end up boxing.

Yassine Elmaachi

Yassine is 29 years of age and originally from Morrocco, he is married and has a daughter.

Yassine came to England after having been to Holland after he could no longer further his boxing carreer in Morrocco.

As a child Yassine did not have a lot of the things that children in this country are used to, things such as toys, decent clothes and education opportunities. As a result things such as drug dealing and gangs play a large part of Moroccan life.

Due to the factors of poverty, gangs and drug dealing, life on the streets of Morocco is often a brutal and dangerous place for a young boy growing up there. Yassine talks about how sometimes he would get into fights 6 or 7 times a day, over disputes about money or revenge attacks from rival gangs.

Yassine eventually turned to boxing as a result of needing to be able to defend himself and as a way to get away from all the troubles on the streets. Yassine states that if it were not for boxing he would have got caught up in the drug dealing gangs.

He states that being able to defend himself stopped him getting beaten up on many occasions.

He talks about how as a boy aged 6 he fell in love with boxing. It became something he would wake up for everyday and go to sleep thinking about every night.

What boxing did for Yassine

Boxing gave Yassine a focus, something he could expend his boundless amounts of energy on, it taught him self- discipline is needed to succeed, for whenever he slacked on training he would get an instant experience of how he was not fit enough for sparring, he thus learnt responsibility very quickly for his own actions.

He learnt about what it means to be a warrior and that true heroes get back up no matter how many times they get knocked down. He learnt never to quit.

He learnt self defence which gave him high levels of self-esteem and confidence, meaning he was never a victim nor a bully, but someone that is extremely happy and full of personality who makes friends often and easily.

Importantly boxing gave him the courage which enabled him to leave his own country in search of something better.

These are just a few of the benefits boxing gave Yassine, and he thinks there is no better sport for children and young men.

Now young children look up to Yassine as a role model, feeling inspired by his amazing talent and wanting to be like him.

Yassine’s future

Yassine is one of britains greatest unsigned talents, he suffers from being far too good at boxing whilst simultaneously not being very well known. Yassine is just waiting for a promoter to get behind him and to get one chance at the title, then we may see a future world champion. He is currently waiting for this opportunity whilst maintaining to do his good work for young people.

Below is Yassines last fight which was at Brentford in Essex against Alex Spitko ending with a 3rd round KO by Yassine.

Below is one of Yassines fights which was on the 5th of Sept at Watford Collusseum, this fight was live on ITV4 Big Fight Live, and may be the start of Yassine finally getting noticed. Check it out.