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Junior Saeed

Junior Saeed

Junior Saeed is 20 years old and from Lewisham in south east London. He started boxing when he was 5 years old!

Boxing Evolution asked Junior Saeed a few questions to get an insight into his relationship with boxing.

Why did you start boxing?

I Started boxing because my dad said I was a very hyper kid and would always get into fights at school. Everyday I would wait for him to come home from work and I would start jumping around asking him to fight. So he took me down to Peacocks gym, at this point it was before they even had an amateur boxing club. There used to be a Saturday lesson for kids and it was just 50p!

What was your amateur record?

My amateur record was 65 fights with 19 loses. However I am not here for cups & trophies… Only money & belts!

What level are you looking to achieve in pro boxing?

Defo not the British scene. I’M LOOKING BEYOND MAYWEATHER!!!

Why do you think you will be successful?

I think I will be successful because there is only one of me and thousands of one dimensional fighters out there. I’m confident, got the looks and the hooks and I’m always learning and adding to my style. I’m original not artificial. I don’t imitate or try to be something I’m not!.

I also have my family behind me and my daughter to make me stay focused and dedicated, which means that I’m fighting for more than just the glory. My family depend on me which gives me extra strength and determination.

People may say that I am a flash, brash, arrogant and cocky git, but honestly I am a deep and down to earth guy if you no me outside the ring. In the boxing world I am so confident I feel that no one can stop me. Even if there are problems happening. I am a born fighter and always ready, never afraid!!.

Another point I would like to add is the main thing is that I have not been doing this all my life to throw it away for any kind of distraction. This is all that matters to me, everything else is small fry compared to this, so I always remain focused.

Why do you support Boxing Evolution?

I think its a great organization. It helps to keep the kids off the streets, gives them something to do and very importantly it teaches them discipline. It helps Gun and Knife crime because kids learn how to fight with hands not knifes!

Also id like to say. Thank you to everyone out there that are behind me and support me.
Everyone else!! Future star watch out!

Thank you very much Junior Saeed for your great interview, Boxing Evolution wishes you the best of luck in the future with your pro career, and will be there to follow you all the way!

B.E READY for this one.

You can see more of Junior on his website below.

Here is a little promo video of Junior, check it out and enjoy.