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Online personal training

Online personal training with coaching app

The Boxing Evolution online coaching app enables you to workout wherever you are especially when your on the go. The app contains 100’s of pre-made workouts with instructional animations that guide you step by step through each workout.

Alternatively get you very own personalized workouts made just for you or try our 12 week beginners boxing fitness regime.

Simply pull out your phone, select the workout and get your sweat on!

You will also get a break down of the calories burned for each exercise or workout your perform.

Achieving success in your workouts is in actual fact roughly 80% diet and 20% working out.

Use the digital nutrition app to log the foods you are eating and be shown your exact calorie intake.

Along with that make use of our pre-made diet plans to help you improve your diet or get a tailor made plan made especially for your individual dietary needs.

It is extremely important to remain motivated when training as it is easy to get disheartened when you do not instantly get noticeable physical results. It is also very important to break your desired outcome down into smaller achievable goals.

With the Boxing Evolution online fitness app you can set yourself those achievable goals and track your progress in real time with the progress tracker.

The app connects directly to fit-bits so your progress can be monitored electronically saving you the hassle of updating it yourself.



Think you have got what it takes?

Take part in one of the many pre-made challenges to test yourself or alternatively create your own or those made by other members.

Earn rewards and fitness points for successfully completing those challenges and get that real sense of achievement!


The Boxing Evolution online training app also contains a community portal.

Here you can engage with other members and interact with your coach.

Upload progress pictures for your coach or others to see (this has optional privacy) so that you can show off your results.


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