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Additional support

You may find that even though you are being provided with all the necessary information and guidance from the course, that you still need some additional support. If this is the case I (the author) offer some additional services to help you.
These are as follows:
Personalised workout plans or variations to exercises
If you need a workout plan that is a little more bespoke, perhaps because you have an injury for example, then please get in contact to discuss your needs in more detail.
The truth of the matter for many of us is that we probably have many things we would like to achieve, but just simply do not get round to doing. This is because it is easy for us to do things such as procrastinate (put things off or think things will take less time than they do) or provide ourselves with an easy excuse as to why we did not make a start or complete a certain task.
It is also extremely easy for us to just simply not bother making the effort and stay in the same place that we currently are. We can also run into various challenges when trying something new and can get confused about what is best to do, so we end up stalling and doing nothing instead.
Last of all we can lose motivation and can find it hard to keep momentum. This is where having an accountability coach becomes critical to achieving success.
When you use an accountability coach you will have someone that is keeping regular tabs on what you are doing and making sure you are keeping on track. Your coach as an experienced professional will be able to see and understand where you are struggling and provide you will solutions to help overcome those particular obstacles.
The coach will also know if you are simply making excuses and will be able to make you think differently about your approach. When it comes to psychological barriers that are holding you back this is where the coach becomes most effective, helping you to find ways to overcome them.
Guided workouts and/or mindset coaching via Zoom
If you want that little extra guidance or motivation then why not book in for a guided one to one session. This can be especially useful to help you get off to a good start with things such as knowing how hard to push yourself and get correct form in the exercises etc.

Different packages available
Whether you need just a quick tip here and there or a full support service, there are packages available to suit every budget and need. Please get in contact for more information about these.
Book in for your FREE 15 minute consultation call
If you feel that you would like some extra assistance with your training please do not hesitate to book yourself in for a free 15 minute consutation. To see what can be done for you please click on the following link: