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12 week ‘Zero to Hero’ boxing fitness and weight loss program

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The aim of this course is to take you through the training process used by professional boxers the world over, to transform yourself from a coach potato into a lean mean fighting machine who is physically ready for a boxing fight, all whilst learning the sport of boxing!

This will mean:

– Getting ‘fighting’ fit, far above your usual level of fitness
– Building the ultimate boxers physique
– Making your target fight weight
– Mastering your diet
– Developing your mindset in regards to achieving your goals and identify mental blocks that hold you back

You will also learn all of the important fundamental basics in regards to boxing skills, fitness and weight loss and how to effectively apply the knowledge you’ve learnt.

As part of the online course you will also gain access to:

The Boxing Evolution coaching app with and 100’s of animated and video on demand workouts
As part of the course you gain access to the Boxing Evolution fitness app, the app contains 100’s of animated and video on demand workouts. The app also contains a wide range of other features to help you achieve success with your fitness and weight loss goals.

The Boxing Evolution digital dietician app
Achieving success in your workouts is in actual fact roughly 80% diet and 20% working out. Use the digital nutrition app to log the foods you are eating and be shown your exact calorie intake. Along with that you will also be emailed pre-made fat burning recipes direct to your inbox each week.

Boxing Evolution boxing skills and fitness basics multimedia e-book
You will also receive a FREE copy of the Boxing Evolution boxing skills and fitness basics multimedia e-book for beginners. Along with written content this e-book also contains pictures, animation and video clips to help demonstrate that which is being taught. The e-book comes with its own self contained reader app so that you can keep on top of your training wherever you may be.

Fat burning recipes sent direct to your inbox each month (3 months)
You will receive 15 fat burning recipes along with associated shopping lists and meal planners for each month of the course.

The Bellie Bellerson 12 week weight loss challenge

As part of the online course you will also be provided with a guided 12 week weight loss challenge where you will face your arch enemy ‘Bellie Bellerson’, the undefeated FTF (Fight the Fat) world title holder. The challenge has been designed to guide you through the process of training up and making your target fight weight telling you everything you need to do in order to win the fight.

Fitness tests
The challenge comes with 9 different fitness tests so that you can gauge exactly what areas of fitness you need to work on.

The Boxing Evolution online training Facebook group
You will also get access to the private FB support group which will provide daily workout tips, recipes ideas and interaction with other people.

Get started today!
This course is available for only £19.99 and comes with a wide range of great assets to help ensure you achieve maximum success in achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. Simply click the ‘Take this course’ button now and begin your new exciting boxing based fitness and weight loss journey.

Course Content

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Lean muscle mass
Fitness and exercise
Increasing strength and building muscle
The science behind weight loss
Calorie intake - Nutrition
Introducing the 12 week challenge
Getting started - Your action plan
The Boxing Evolution fitness and nutrition apps
Fight Camp - Week 1
Fight Camp week 3
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