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Corporate training

Corporate training

What can Boxing Evolution do for your company?

The Boxing Evolution gym (BE GYM) in Maidenhead, Berkshire, offers a wide range of services to offer your company to help improve staff, productivity health and fitness.

Ideally situated in Queen street directly in Maidenhead town center the BE gym is easily accessible to the many businesses that operate near there.

The gym offers the following:

  • White collar boxing (for more info please click here).
  • Team event training, We help corporate teams prepare for events such as ‘Tough Mudder’ by offering dedicated group fitness classes. We can also schedule one-off classes for staff (both members and non-members) to encourage teamwork and interaction away from the office.
  • Team building exercises
  • Workshops and courses such as our Warrior mind power business survival training (for more info please click here).
  • Additional extra curricular activities such as paintball days and charity fundraisers.

Develop Emotional Intelligence (E.Q)

Aspects of emotional intelligence have been shown by qualitative research and investigation to be critical for effective job performance and the prevention of negative job stress (Daus et al., 2004 Offerman Bailey, Vasilopoulous, Seal & Sass, 2004).

Emotional intelligence can be defined as, ‘the inate ability to feel, use, communicate, recognise, remember, learn from, manage and understand emotions’. This basically means that a person is a aware of what they are feeling and why they are feeling it, they can express how they feel to other people, they learn how past emotions affected them and can control them in future situations.

Boxing is an excellent medium through which to develop E.Q  and is the foundation around which ‘Boxing Evolution’ was based. Participants in boxing come to gain a literal understanding of how concepts such a discipline, motivation and determination are required to be successful, this understanding is then transferable to the work environment.

Read more about Emotional Intelligence by clicking here.

Bespoke membership packages

We have a number of great offers for companies wishing to purchase corporate memberships at the BE GYM. We can offer your workforce a tailor made solution that meets your companies specific needs. Please get in contact if you wish to discuss some of the terrific options available.