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Warrior workout

Warrior workout

What is a warrior?

Since time began there have been a class of people known as ‘warriors’. These warriors were the ones that protected their villages from outside aggressors and ensured they all remained safe in times of danger. Warriors were often known for their immense physical conditioning which was needed to be able to fulfil their role as protector of their communities.

However being a warrior is not just about developing advanced physical abilities but also about developing psychological attributes that enabled them to achieve their goals.

Warriors are disciplined both internally and externally for without this failure can be certain. They develop acute mental focus and keep their goals in mind consistently. They develop an attitude of persistence, facing difficulty, pain, discomfort, discouragement, fear and the prospect of failure and utter doom without quitting.

Boxing Evolution gym warrior workout

The Boxing Evolution gym ‘Warrior workout’ is a complete body workout that is guaranteed to shred and burn fat whilst simultaneously build and develop muscle tone. This workout makes use of a wide range of combat fitness training routines commonly used by professional boxing and MMA competitors who need to be at the peak of physical condition to be successful.

This workout will also develop you psychologically creating increased discipline, mental focus and persistence all of which is developed as you are pushed by the instructor to get through the different stages of the training.

You will leave this workout feeling more energised, motivated and confident in yourself ready to face whatever challenges life send your way, along with a greater determination to achieve your personal ambitions and goals.

By engaging in this workout you will truly understand what it takes to BE A WARRIOR!.

Days and times

The warrior workout runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm – 8pm.


Brazillian Jiujitsu classes are £10 per session or you can purchase a 1 month or 3 month membership deal.


For more information please contact Matt by phone: 07980986484 or email: