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Boxing Evolution Gym in Maidenhead

Boxing Evolution Gym – Maidenhead

About the Boxing Evolution gym

The Boxing Evolution gym in Maidenhead (BE gym) is a brand new state of the art boxing and mixed martial arts training facility. The gym makes use of the latest developments in technology and equipment to create an unrivaled training environment like no other.

The BE Gym aims to help people discover and achieve a potential never thought possible, developing them not only on the physical level but on the emotional and mental levels too. A course has been specially designed for this purpose called ‘How to develop your full potential as boxer’ which will be available to take at the gym.

The gym offers classes in Boxing, Kickboxing, Roger Gracie Brazilian jiujitsu and a wide range of fitness classes along with offpeak gym membership to come and use the gym when there are no classes on.

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Gym equipment

The gym comprises of over 200 square meters of space which is filled to the brim with all the latest combat and training equipment. The equipment in this gym is designed more for combat based and body weight calisthenic style strength and conditioning rather than the type of equipment found at most body building gyms.

Boxing and MMA area

The gym has an 18ft professional size boxing ring along with a wrestling and MMA area which has 40mm foam matting specially designed for purpose.

There are 6 different style heavy bags around the outside of the matter area fixed to pillars that connect the MMA cage walling. We also have 6 free standing punch bags.

Free weights area

The gym has free weights going up to 40kg. The gym also has kettlebells up to 25kg and core bags up to 60kg. There are 50 pairs of cardio weights ranging from 0.5kg up to 4kg.  We also have medicine balls and various other weighted equipment that can be used in a range of ways. There is also 2 weights benches.

Escape octagon quad crossfit rig 

The octagon quad is a versatile training station that allows up to 12 people to complete cross training or suspension training group workouts. the quad is great when space is tight as it features the key attributes required for cross training with the advantage of anchor points for suspension training

The quad consists of:

1 x Pro Grade Squatting Station

1 x Torso Trainer

1 x Pull-Up Bar

1 x Monkey Bar Set

1 x Battle Rope Anchor Point

2 x Weight Horns

Up to six Suspension Training Anchor Points

Pro Grade Adjustable Dipping Station.

We also have plates up to 150 kg.

Cardio machines

We have a treadmill, rowing machine, cross trainer and bicycle.

Jump Boxes

We have 3 different heighted jump boxes that can be used for all sort of plyometric exercises.

Escape Tyre

We have an Escape Tyre that can be used for all sorts of strength and conditioning exercises.

Other facilities

The gym has some additional facilities that members can make use of:

Shower and Changing

The gym has a changing room and shower that can be used by members that need to get changed and/or shower before or after training. We do not provide towels so please bring your own.

Air conditioning

The gym is fully air conditioned with a humidity extraction system to keep the gym environment comfortable at all times.

Supplements store

The gym offers a wide range of supplements ranging from pre workout to protein shakes. We also offer a service for post training smoothies or shakes.

Audio/visual training enhancments

We play the latest upbeat motivational music and play a wide range of videos from fights to music videos on our tv screens to help keep you inspired to train.

Clothing and training equipment

The gym offers all the equipment and clothing needed to maximize your training efficieny at the gym. We offer things such as boxing gloves, gumshields, training t-shirts and leggings. Please come and speak to us at the gym to find out more.

Gym opening times

NOTICE: Due to unforeseen circumstances the Boxing Evolution gym is currently close until further notice.

We hope to be up and running again soon.

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