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Working out With Injury and/or Ache

There is no other gentle way to put this, but – training with aches/ injuries sucks! Unfortunately for that swelling knee and the nagging shoulder, it won’t heal if you don’t give it the rest it requires.

You might have been training hard, and getting great results on work performance. You don’t wish to stop now simply because of the little “injury/ache.” Below are some of the recommendations to keep training while you take care of what ails you:

When injured:

  • Seek medical opinion after initial contact; a good physiotherapist might be your best help in recovering and training.
  • Be smart with exercise selection.
  • Dial in your sleep and nutrition.
  • Know the training opportunities that you can consider without the injury.

When injured it’s your goal to also manage your mental health to boost your physical wellbeing. Some injuries require a day or two off the exercise. Consult your doctor and if it’s recommended, it’s important that you treat it as a recovery time.

Unless there is an injury/ache affecting your whole body, there is something else you can do to stay active. Swimming, walking and yoga are some of the great general exercises. With professional aid you can work toward maintaining strength so that you can work on your mobility issues to avoid future injuries.

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