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Why boxing training is the best solution for weight loss

Why boxing training is the best solution for weight loss
A recent survey by health and well being supplements company Forza ( found that Boxing was the top sport for burning calories with it possible to burn up to 800 in a 1 hour session (compared with running on a treadmill at a medium pace for 1 hour which only burned 580 calories). Boxing was the most effective sport because it involves a lot of high intensity interval training (HIIT) that engages multiple muscle groups, works out the whole body and can be done in a much shorter time period.

The beauty of boxing training is that the majority of the exercises use only body weight as resistance which means that workouts can be performed anywhere to include at home or in the local park.

Why participating in boxing is better than simply doing fitness training on its own
The reason participating in a sport such a boxing is better for you than simply going to the gym is that not only are you doing exercise and keeping fit, you are also learning a new set of skills. This means that every time you are training you have something new to learn and improve on with a purpose in mind rather than just simply attending the gym for the sake of keeping fit. This plays a massive part in helping to keep you motivated along with knowing that all the fitness aspects of the training are contributing towards making you a better boxer.

The different types of fitness involved with boxing
One of the reasons that boxing is one of the most beneficial sports for losing weight is that it develops a person in all 3 of their bodies different energy systems. 

Training in the sport of boxing develops the:

  • Aerobic energy system (Used for getting air into the body and delivering it to the muscles)
  • Anaerobic energy system (Used for fast bursts)
  • ATP-PCR energy system (Used for maximum power)

Functional training
All the of the exercises and workouts in boxing are designed specifically to improve your ability to perform at boxing. For example activities such as skipping not only improve your cardio-vascular fitness it will also gets you lighter on your feet. Exercises such as push-ups improve your arm strength for punching and circuits improve your general overall agility and stamina.  The most relevant and beneficial form of functional training for you in terms of burning calories and losing weight will be that of HIIT.

HIIT (High intensity interval training)
High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a form of exercise in which you alternate between very intense anaerobic periods and slower recovery periods for a shorter, more efficient workout. “The high intensity intervals should be performed at near maximum effort and the recovery intervals should be done at about 50%

HIIT training is perfect for boxing training as a boxer needs to be able to work hard in fast bursts delivering punches before recovering and dancing around the ring in order to avoid his opponents punches. A boxer is constanty alternating between a fast and low pace.

The benefits of HIIT
HIIT has been shown to burn more calories in a shorter space of time than your traditional steady state endurance workout over a longer period of time. HIIT has also been shown to have improvements on your metabolism which cause you to keep burning calories long after the workout has ended. 

A Montreal Heart Institute (MHI) study found that, after doing two HIIT workouts a week for four months, participants scored significantly higher on cognition tests and had boosted their brain oxygenation.

HIIT training however should only be attempted by those who already has a good base level of cardio fitness already established. More about this later on.

Different types of exercises involved with boxing
With boxing training you can expect to be doing the following kinds of exercises:

  • Circuits (Push-ups, sit-ups, squat thrusts, burpees etc)
  • Skipping
  • Bag and pad work
  • Jogging and sprinting
  • Cardio endurance weights
  • Shadow boxing
  • Plyometrics
  • Sparring

All of these exercises help improve your core strength, cardio and anaerobic fitness, muscular endurance, coordination and overall strength and speed. All very important things required for boxing.

Other benefits of boxing
Boxing is not just a great sport for losing weight and getting fit. Boxing training has a range of other great benefits to include improving your general health and energy levels, improving your concentration, improving your motivation and self discipline along with your general resilience needed to tackle the day to day challenges we all face.

Boxers and making weight (Why boxers are weight loss experts)
Boxers have unique weight issues. Because they are classified by weight, it becomes absolutely essential for a boxer to be able to control his or her weight at will. Did you get the significance of that statement? Boxers can control their weight – increase it or decrease it – at will. 

Professional boxers are generally known for their great physiques and are even known for great weight loss feats in the run up to fights with boxers such Ricky Hatton and Tyson Fury both having had to shed the pounds in a short amount of time.

So do they know the secret and aren’t sharing with anyone else?


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The (not so secret) secret every boxer knows about losing weight

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