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Too lazy to do cardio but want to burn fat: do this!

Cardio has been the most popular form of steady-state training for the last few years. Whether the goal is to lose weight or get fit, cardio is an essential component to an everyday workout program. But if you are too lazy and want to burn more fat in less time then there is a more effective solution for you. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a newly popular form of workout involving short bursts of intense exercise with rest periods.

Sounds interesting? If you are a smart exerciser, go for interval training to reach your fitness goal within the shortest period of time possible. This interval training is done in several sets, which involves pushing the body well out of its comfort zone and giving it a short interval or recovery period. The benefits of HIIT Training are:

● Improved performance at the gym and office
● More calorie burns in less time
● Improved insulin sensitivity
● Improved calorie afterburn
● Better for burning belly fat
● Improved heart health
● Shorter workouts

While doing interval training, be sure to follow a HIIT-friendly diet and eat enough protein to help your body burn calories and build muscle with each workout. Stick with it; you’ll see your fitness level improve and your body change for the better.

One of the best things about Boxing training is that it is FULL of HIIT training exercises and routines, all specifically designed to improve your boxing ability.

Want to learn more about HIIT and Boxing training?

Boxing Evolution has the perfect solution with our very own ‘Zero to Hero’ boxing body transformation course.

You will learn about all the different aspects of weight loss, nutrition (including monthly recipes) and developing fitness along with learning real boxing skills. There is no better way to lose weight and get in shape than with boxing!

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