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Tips on Preparing Food – Why and How

Eating a healthy and nutritious diet doesn’t mean giving your all to your favorite food. Rather, it is preserving the nutrient value of each meal. For healthy cooking utilize the healthy fats, cook reasonable portions and use whole foods.

Here Are Some Tips to Help You Make Food Preparation Easier:

• Ask for help: allow your caregiver to help you with food preparation, make sure that he/she knows what your food needs are. Share your recipe with your loved ones if they are not sure on what to prepare.

• Cook small: small is better. Cook and eat in small portions.

• Keep it simple: you don’t necessarily need a four-course meal each day for dinner.

• Reduce fat contents: prepare your food by grilling, baking, slow-cooking or boiling. Fats elicits digestive issues.

• Check the spices to suit your taste as you cook.

• Practice good food safety: wash your hands before handling any meal, cook food thoroughly and don’t reuse the utensils.

Most people believe that food cooking is tedious and time consuming, however that is not the case. Food preparation is simple when you plan your meals, prepare in advance, stock your pantry and freezer and by using a slow cooker

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