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Should You Drink Milk?

Cow’s milk has been touted as a go-to source of calcium for a long time. However, let’s go past the spin: is milk really necessary for you? How bad is milk for your health? You’ve got health problems waiting for you.

Here are the reasons why:

❖ Milk and cheese are linked to increased risk of developing prostate cancer.

❖ Lactose in cow’s milk might be difficult for people to digest (lactose intolerance) resulting in gas, cramps, nausea, bloating and even diarrhea.

❖ Multiple studies have shown that consumption of dairy milk increases prevalence and the severity of acne on both girls and boys.

❖ A Swedish research study showed that when women consume four or more servings of milk each day, they are twice at risk of developing severe ovarian cancer.

❖ Dairy milk can potentially elicit strong and dangerous milk allergies (vomiting and anaphylaxis), especially in young children.

❖ Milk can surge antibiotic-resistant bacteria due to rampant overuse of antibiotics to keep the cos alive and on top gauge when it comes to milk production.

❖ A study on more than 12,000 children showed that milk increases the chances of weight gained due to high saturated-fat content.

But what about calcium? No – you don’t need milk for that; you can and will get your calcium from other sources like fish and nuts.

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