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foods to avoid in a healthy diet

Foods/ Drinks You Should Avoid in Your Healthy Diet

It’s very easy to get confused on which foods/drinks are healthy for your body and which aren’t.

Generally, you need to avoid certain foods/drinks to lose weight, prevent chronic illness, to keep fit and also to keep a healthy body.

Here is a list of unhealthy foods/drinks you can consume in moderation during special occasions without any permanent damage to your health.

❖ Sugary drinks (sugary drinks fasten obesity and weight gain)

❖ Some pizzas (junk food made from unhealthy ingredient like refined dough and the processed meat)

❖ White bread (low in fiber)

❖ Fried, grilled or boiled food (highly palatable and dense in calories)

❖ Cakes, pastries and cookies (copious calories, no essential nutrients and the many preservatives)

❖ Potato chips and french fries (with large amounts of acrylamides that are carcinogenic substances)

❖ Gluten free junk foods (trigger rapid spike of blood sugar level, also low on essential nutrients)

❖ Low-fat yoghurt (choose full-fat yoghurt)

❖ Low-carb junk food (highly processed with additives)

❖ Ice cream (high in calories)

❖ Processed meat (cause diabetes, heart disease and colon cancer)

Focus on whole foods to steer healthy diet!

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