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Case study – Craig

*Name is changed for confidentiality reasons.

Craig was a young man aged 15 who had not been in education for over 2 years. He regularly suffered from explosive episodes of rage, smoked cannabis and was involved in low level drug dealing with county lines.

Over the period of 8 months our mentor from the BE A Warrior Foundation (BAWF) managed to get him into boxing training and he stopped smoking cannabis. Craig also decided that he no longer wanted to sell drugs and stopped hanging around with the others who were involved in it. 

The mentor helped him find the direction he wanted to head in life and managed to convince him to go back to school. Due to his school being in a different county the mentor had to drive him to school. He also would only attend if the mentor was with him. He even referred to his mentor as his ‘Dad’ on one occasion.

Craig in the end managed to gain his foundation GCSE’s in Maths and English and has now gone on to college.

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