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A bit of the story behind Boxing Evolution

A bit of the story behind Boxing Evolution

Boxing Evolution™ (BE).

I initially devised Boxing Evolution™ (BE) to help turn around the lives of young people who became involved in crime, especially with knives and guns. BE has since itself evolved into a company designed for personal development of anybody that wishes to do so.

Boxing Evolution’s core principles are based on an understanding gained from my experiences during my middle teens and early twenties and the lessons learnt through participating in boxing since the age of 17. I am now 32 years old living in Maidenhead, Berkshire. It sounds a nice place to live but there are many tensions between people from different housing estates and different ethnic backgrounds. Of course I got involved in ‘gangs’ to fit in, gain some ‘identity’ and to form mutual protection. We did some irresponsible things, but no-one was ever seriously hurt.

Because I was smaller and have ADHD, I was often bullied at school. It made me realise that I had to learn to look after myself. I was introduced to boxing when I was 17 and this eventually helped me to transform my life. I say ‘eventually, because what it did initially was make me a better fighter; so much so that I gained a bit of a reputation, at least enough to make a lot of people think twice before having an unnecessary confrontation with me. This is only one small part of the story however, there are some very important other aspects to what helped me to change, but the courage and confidence that boxing gave me were undeniably paramount to this change, which I discuss more below.

What I realised I needed to help me change was a change of location. I went to Portsmouth University having scraped 2 A levels. I didn’t like University life except I had a lot of free time. Luckily I decided to start up a Boxing Club at the Uni, which had stopped due to lack of interest. I found out that the Royal Navy had a great boxing coach who was also an England squad advanced coach and I persuaded him to get involved. His name is Quentin Shillingford, or ‘Q’.

What Q did was to inspire me to think about how confidence enables you to do anything, and simply observing Q in different situations opened my eyes to a lot.

Although I was successful in setting up the club, I wanted to do more. I had always been interested in psychology, philosophy, spirituality etc (which was the other aspect of my development), and I started to think about how I could combine boxing with an approach to getting better emotional intelligence. In other words I wanted to help people make better decisions by using boxing as a medium of connection and communication. To do this I created a specially designed course, which I named the ‘Boxing Potential course‘.

I knew I was on the right track, and over the last couple of years I have been testing parts of it with different individuals and groups of young people. It seems to be successful in the small trials that I’ve done. I am now looking to run the course on a larger scale.

Because I know what made me and others go off the rails, and know one way of getting back in charge of your life, means that B.E could be a valuable project to change lives for the better.

The course is based upon Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The program then takes the participants through the various levels of the hierarchy.

Communication is a very important part of the project and B.E makes use of modern techniques such as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and EMT (Emotional Freedom Technique) in its delivery methods.

It is the combination of boxing training and personal development that makes Boxing Evolution™ unique.

I am involved with other organisations such as the Princes trust.  The Prince trust gave me funding to start up in business and I would not be where I am now without them. With the money they gave me I ran a pilot project called the ‘Boxing Evolution summer camp‘ which was a huge success. I hope to be an indication of the potential of this course.

Boxing Evolution gym

I have now taken this project to the next level and managed to secure investment to open my own gym which is now running at the ‘Boxing Evolution gym’. This is primarily a commercial venture but I this will also be a place for running more of my programs for self development. For more information about the gym please click here.

This is just the beggining of something that I hope can make big positive changes to people lives, keep your eyes peeled to the website or my facebook page ( for the latest events.

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