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The boxing evolution boxing potential course

The boxing evolution boxing potential course

Have you ever wandered what makes one boxer better than another boxer, or why one person succeeds more than another person in any given area?

Are people simply born a certain way, and that’s the way it is, your either successful or you aren’t, and nothing can change that, or, is success something that can be learnt and developed.

Obviously some people will have more natural ability than others, but is that all that it takes?

This course believes the latter, that success can be learnt and developed, that people are born with an innate potential, and are capable of far more than they ever thought possible, they just have to learn what it takes to achieve what it is they want to get.

This course is related to boxing, and shows what it takes to achieve your full potential in this sport, you may not be the next Amir Khan or Ricky Hatton, but through this course you will learn what it takes to develop your potential to the full, however, the lessons learnt in this course can be applied to any area of life you wish to do well at, so once you find your area of speciality you will have the skills necessary to do so. The rest is up to YOU.

More about the course

This course is specially designed to introduce and interlink the necessary information at the right time and in a form that will be most encouraging to the student. The course aims to instill a high level of emotional intelligenceand self awareness through practical examples and experience.

A large part of the lessons that need to be learnt can be learnt through boxing, so therefore it is an excellent medium to base this new approach on.

The course is based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The course integrates and links together topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Psychology of success, Science (e.g bio mechanics), Philosophy, Spirituality, Inter and Intra-personal skills, Creativity and Entrepreneurship to name but a few.

The course also intends to make use of positive role models, positive direction and modern development techniques such as Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT). The course uses accelerated learning techniques that are suited to the individual needs of the student.