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About Boxing Evolution

Boxing Evolution make use of positive role models, positive direction and modern development techniques that are suited to the individual needs of the student, aiming to develop emotional intelligence, and instil a high level of self awareness through practical examples and experience.

A large part of the lessons that need to be learnt can be learnt through boxing, so therefore it is an excellent medium to base this new approach on.

It is an innovative system for people to learn about themselves as much as any other subject, this will enable them to make far more suitable choices with regards to their own lives.

It will equip people to be better prepared for life’s problems and will enable them to deal with their problems far more constructively and effectively.

Boxing Evolution is mainly focussed on working with males and in particular male youths over the age of 16 involved in Gang, Gun and Knife crime, it uses boxing as the hook to gain rapport from the participants, this in turn facilitates trust and respect, which when gained, opens the door to endless possibilities.

However Boxing Evolution is just as effective at helping anybody whatever they want to achieve.

Boxing Evolution has created a specially designed course titled ‘How to reach your full potential as a boxer’  that integrates and links together topics such as, Emotional Intelligence, Psychology of succes, Science, Philosophy, Spirituality and Creativity to name a few.

Boxing Evolution also makes use of the A.B.A boxing award scheme.