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Learn basic to advanced boxing skills incorporated with dynamic combat fitness and functional strength training routines all whilst being guided by a highly experienced coach. You will become fitter, stronger and faster than you have ever been before! Every session you will learn something new and will never leave feeling bored.

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Interviews with top fighters, news and events, coaching training, boxing product reviews and boxing filming services including DVD production and live streaming.


Find all the latest training equipment, workout clothing, gadgets and accesories.

Whether you are training in the gym, at home or out on the road the Boxing Evolution online store has everything you need to guarantee a successful and satisfactory workout!

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Boxing skills and fitness basics multimedia e-book available now!!

The boxing skills and fitness basics multimedia e-book is now available on Amazon Kindle. Please follow this link to purchase your copy:

Boxing skills and fitness multimedia e-book on Amazon for only 99p!

***SPECIAL OFFER OF JUST 99P FOR 1 WEEK ONLY!***** Whether you simply want to get fit in a new and fun way, and/or get started with the sport of boxing then the boxing and fitness basics multimedia e-book contains everything you need to know. This e-book contains information learnt from over …

Matt Flavell QBL Quest 8 man tournament promo

Matt Flavell vs Roo Abbott – QBL June 30th 2018

Slough based pro boxer Ihsan Khan offers Connor Mcgregor 30 million to fight in Dubai

Slough based pro boxer Ihsan Khan who is making his debut on the 29th of July is already aiming to cause a stir by making an offer of £30,000,000 to Connor McGregor to fight him in Dubai and refers to the MMA champ as a 'clown'... check the interview out …

Frank Bruno’s visit to the Boxing Evolution gym

On the 2nd of July  2016, former WBC heavyweight boxing champion Frank Bruno attended the Boxing Evolution gym for a meet and greet event. The event ran from 2pm untill 5pm and saw over 100 people come down to the gym to meet with Frank, have pictures taken and spend …

Frank Bruno meet and greet event at the Boxing Evolution gym

On the 2nd July 2016 former WBC heavyweight boxing champion of the world Frank Bruno will be attending the Boxing Evolution gym at 65 Queen street in Maidenhead for a meet and greet event. People will be able to come in and speak to the former champ directly face to face, …

The top 6 reasons people give for not starting training (despite saying they want to!)

Hello guys, I thought I would make this video due to the fact that I always get people approaching me who say they want to start training at the gym, but then go on to tell me reasons why they can not make it. Alot of the time these are not valid …

The reason why boxing and martial arts are more beneficial than simply going to an ordinary fitness gym!

For many people, having a plan to either get fit or lose weight usually results in them going down to their local ‘traditional’ fitness gym and signing up to whatever membership plan they offer. More often than not they will attend the gym only a few times, which will consist …

Something important for new years resolutions… without this you are destined to fail!

Hey guys this is Flave from Boxing Evolution here to give you the first of many many blog posts based around training tips, positive mental attitude and various others things that may help you succeed in your general day to day goals. Now it has come to that time of year, …

BE gym now affiliated with Roger Gracie academy

We are very proud and excited to announce that our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classesare now an official affiliation of the Roger Gracie Academy. Roger is a bjj legend 10x world champion,a professional MMA fighter and former UFC champion. We will also enjoy seminars and awesome black belts instructor visits including the head …

Boxing Evolution gym launch day Sat May 20th 2015

The Boxing Evolution gym (BE gym) is a brand new state of the art boxing and mixed martial arts training facility. The gym will make use of the latest developments in technology and equipment to create an unrivalled training environment like no other. The gym will be hosting a launch day …

An evening with Amir Khan

On Fri 23rd Jan 2015 Olympic silver medallist and one of the worlds top professional boxers, Amir Khan will be attending the Baylis hotel in Slough for a meet and greet event. The night will include: - Live Q n A sessions - Photo opportunity - Auction and Raffle - 3 course meal For tickets please …

Why boxing training is good for developing character

One of the reasons partaking in boxing training helped me to turn my life around was the way in which it developed my character. What I mean by the term character is things such as mental toughness, courage, confidence, discipline, delayed gratification and determination to name a few. These were …

Garvin Snell debut fight (BE Coaching’s first heavyweight boxer)

Check out Garvins first fight. BE was incredibly pleased with him as he has only been training for 6 months before this fight. Hope you enjoy

Slipping head movement efficiency

In this video you will learn how to perform the smallest movement necessary in order to ‘slip’ punches efficiently. This is important in order to land effect counters punches from the slip and also use the least amount of energy during a boxing match. I hope you enjoy and please leave …

ABAE suspended from all AIBA tournaments due to serious breach and violation of rules

ABAE suspended from all AIBA tournaments due to serious breach and violation of rules Boxing Evolution received the following statement from AIBA. “Lausanne, Switzerland, August 12, 2013 – On July 18th 2013, the International Boxing Association (AIBA) Executive Committee unanimously decided to provisionally suspend the Amateur Boxing Association of England (ABAE) for …

Quick stance and guard coaching clip

In this clip Flave analyses a boxers stance and shows the changes made. Join the Forum discussion on this post