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About Boxing Evolution

As it may seem Boxing Evolution (BE) is not just about teaching Boxing skills. In the title is also the word Evolution. The Evolution part of the title refers to developing the self in terms of physical, mental and emotional progression, achieving success and living a healthy, happy and fulfilled life in general.

Boxing Evolution is about developing your full potential as a human being. Whilst a humans’ physical potential is largely understood by the majority of people, one area that is less commonly understood is that of emotional development. This is in actual fact the key main area that holds people back so it is this that Boxing Evolution focuses on. Click on the button below for more information.

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Boxing Evolution coaching offers the following services.

One to one boxing, fitness and nutrition coaching:  Learn More

Online coaching:                                                               Learn More

Mentoring and mindset coaching:                                Learn More

The ‘Zero to Hero’ 12 week body transformation course

The aim of this course is to take you through the training process used by professional boxers the world over, to transform yourself from a coach potato into a lean mean fighting machine who is physically ready for a boxing fight, all whilst learning the sport of boxing!

You will also learn all of the important fundamental basics in regards to boxing skills, fitness, nutrition weight loss and how to effectively apply the knowledge you’ve learnt.

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Boxing skills and fitness basics multimedia e-book

Whether you simply want to get fit in a new and fun way, and/or get started with the sport of boxing then the boxing and fitness basics multimedia e-book contains everything you need to know. This e-book contains information learnt from over the past 18 years of taking part in and coaching boxing and fitness.

Along with written content this e-book also contains pictures, animation and video clips to help demonstrate that which is being taught. This e-book is suitable for all levels and abilities and an especially great resource in particular for teenagers.

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About The Coach, Matt Flavell

The following is a little bit about me and my experience being involved in the sport of boxing and the world of fitness. I started boxing at the age of 17. (I am currently 37 as of the time of writing this which gives me 20 years experience in the sport). I have now been coaching people for over 12 years and have even run my own gym.

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The B.E A Warrior boxing event is a charity boxing event organised by Boxing Evolution coaching which offers 8 weeks free boxing training followed by taking part in a competitive boxing match. We aim to put on 2 to 3 events per year.

The event is mainly targeted at beginners who would like to try the sport of boxing as a new challenge, or maybe as a fun way to achieve a new goal such as getting fit or losing weight, however the event is also open to experienced boxers too. We also aim to put on a number of junior bouts as part of the event.

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The B.E A Warrior foundation is the charitable arm of Boxing Evolution aimed at providing its services predominantly to teenage males who are at risk of exclusion or offending, or those that have already offended. The reason for working predominantly with teenage males is that there is currently a crisis in the UK of young men growing up who have little or no contact with positive male role models.

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B.E FIT Store

Find all the latest training equipment, workout clothing, gadgets and accessories.

Whether you are training in the gym, at home or out on the road the Boxing Evolution online store has everything you need to guarantee a successful and satisfactory workout!

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Boxing Evolution TV

Check out the Boxing Evolution YouTube channel for lots of content related to boxing and mixed martial arts, health and fitness tips, interviews with professional fighters and much much more!

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